I'm a multi-disciplinary designer and maker. I've been building websites and apps for over 14 years.

Right now I'm helping startups make measurable software, fast.

Are you making something? hi@nosaj.io

I grew up in a small town in the middle of England where there wasn't a lot to do. When I was 16, after finishing high school, I was bored over the summer so I decided to teach myself PHP. I wanted to make a forum for my friends and I to chat on. Afterwards, I realised that the product I'd been inspired by – PHPBB – was open source, so I didn't have to make my own version. But I learned a lot from it.

I'm a big proponent of self-education – or learning how to learn – and have embodied the philosophy throughout my life and career. I'm self taught in design, programming, infrastructure, business, and anything else I need to know to make things. I learn as I make. I believe this is the most efficient way to learn.

Over the years I've developed a broad skillset that encompasses everything that's needed to make web software. Being able to make software solo comes with a bonus: speed. One person can work more efficiently than a team of two or three.

I work with startups and small teams with tight deadlines to deliver measurable products on time. I also help them design systems to iterate and improve the product based on feedback.