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Hi I’m Jason. I help startups design, prototype, and build websites and apps.

I’ve worked with the BBC, Firstminute Capital, MrSite, William Hill Online, and others.

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An app for comparing live/work style properties in and around London.

To scratch an itch, I created a prototype web app that searches London agents for niche Live/Work style properties (a growing sector) and shows the results on a map for easy comparison.

This was a solo project, so I was responsible for everything from design to prototype to launch. For tech I used NodeJS with Postgres for the API, React for the frontend, and Phantom for the data collection bot.

An education platform for computer science students.

I teamed up with Code at Uni and the UK government for this project. I was responsible for the design and a lot of the engineering.

Design – created wireframes and mockups, then validated them with potential users.

Engineering – shared the load with Francesco. We used React with Styled Components and GraphQl on the frontend, and Node deployed on AWS lambda on the back.

Personal podcasts from your favourite YouTube content.

Ripcast is an idea I worked on for around a month to make it easier to listen to YouTube content while on the move.

To solve the problem, I designed and built a simple web application for curating podcasts. The frontend runs on React. The processing system uses NodeJS with Redis to stream videos through FFMPEG before they get saved to S3 for listening.

How I help Startups

I specialise in not having a specialty. I've never formally followed just one aspect of technology. Instead, I see making great software as a craft.

My goal is to make great software that people actually want to use.

It's because of this approach that startups usually hire me instead of a team to help them get a product off the ground, or to quickly prototype an idea that they want to validate.

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