Hi, I'm Jason.
I create software.

I help high velocity startups bring winning products to market.

50+ products built for startups and established companies.

Services for startups

  • "Jason is a one man startup machine with a record of shipping a huge range of products."

    Elliot O'Connor
  • "Working with Jason unlocked enormous potential for Pave."

    Matt Schulman
  • "Jason was critical to ensuring we got to market quickly with a robust product."

    Alec Sorensen

I partner with small and mid sized teams design and build valuable software.

Why hire me?

My lifetime obsession with creating great software has led to getting involved with many aspects of product design, engineering, customer development, marketing, and startup building.

Through repetition I've learned how to ship products at different scales, that meet specific goals, deliver returns, and please users.

I offer a unique advantage to startups by coming in with a broad set of skills and experiences often found by hiring multiple people.

Read: How I make products that make money.

  • Product strategy.
  • Finding product market fit.
  • Product & UI design.
  • Engineering.